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The Number Co - Financial Risk Management

The area of Financial Risk Management, in most instances, only gets the focus it deserves when the company is faced with a major challenge or is under financial stress. Even Australia’s largest corporations are not immune. How often do we read that consulting firms are engaged to review operations after the event and by then it is too late. In many cases, risk and compliance plans and protocols were not adhered to or simple control processes were not in place or over time have become irrelevant.

Financial Risk Management can proliferate across a wide and varied cross section of business and operational issues. It can be across financial systems where processes or reconciliations are not adequate. It can be human resource based where staffing levels aren’t aligned with capacity levels or corporate knowledge is spread thinly and thus creating “single points of failure”. It may be not having a Disaster Recovery Plan in the event of a major event such as fire, floods or key operational processes failing.

At THE NUMBER Co we can develop a Risk Management profile which can identify where the major financial and operational risks currently exist and more importantly provide answers to mitigate them. This can cover key deliverables such as process mapping key financial and operational procedures or developing a comprehensive disaster recovery plans that enable the company to operate on a skeleton basis or assessing impacts of major business initiatives.  

Invest time in financial risk management to mitigate risk rather than going into damage control after the event!



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